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My name is Marquis Houghton and welcome to my photography site. I will be updating this blog weekly to share some of the various knowledge I have learned along this journey in photography. I will also talk about topics that I have found don’t have a lot of documentation online. I have found for instance that the Canon FD system is underrepresented as is the Mamiya RZ system both of which I own and could provide some some feedback on.

So here is a little bit about myself! I was born in Massachusetts and I’m the second eldest of eight siblings, yes eight! I work as a game developer in the Bay Area and have worked on such games as Battlefield 4, Dead Space 3 and Star Wars while working for Electronic Arts. I currently work developing Virtual Reality games in San Francisco. I am an Environment Artist by trade but I am also an avid photographer with various interest including auto racing, cityscapes, and street photography. I shoot lots of film as well as digital and dabble in medium format too.

My interest in photography came a decade ago when I was still in art school. I remember clearly looking at various images in magazines and old books and while I didn’t know then, that has continued to inspire me until this day. I started with an HP point and shoot camera that my older brother accidentally broke less than a year in. Boo. Then I waited another two years until in 2012 I finally had saved enough of my paycheck to buy a Canon T3 DSLR. That camera went with me everywhere and really was the start of a great journey won’t end until my last day on this earth. And hopefully I can help people along the way! By the way. I am new to this whole blog thing and I’m not a journalist, so bear with me and lets have some fun!